Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Bird Trap!

Do you remember my post about the bird feeders Maggie created as a science project? (If not you can view it here) This morning, as we walked in the house after church, FRitW yelled, "Mom, there is a bird trapped!!" I looked where he was pointing and there was one of those homemade bird feeders laying on the ground with a bird trapped inside it!

We had a lot of wind last night and it knocked the bird feeder out of the tree. It landed on the ground with the opening facing up. I walked closer to see what had happened. The bird had climbed through the hole to reach the bird seed and could not get back out.

The hole was small, but there was a screw-on lid on the top (or the side, since it was laying on the ground). The bird was getting frantic because we were so close, so I quickly removed the lid and we all backed up so the bird would calm down. It settled, but couldn't seem to find the opening.

As we stood quietly hoping the bird would escape, Fireflame (our bird hungry cat!) noticed the fluttering bird. He attacked the bottle! We couldn't keep him away and the bird was terrified. Fireflame was just excited to have such an easy prey. Kirk grabbed the cat and locked him in the house.

Then SUPERDAD arrived on the scene! He had a pair of scissors and carefully cut from the opening all the way around the bottle. Then he stepped back and waited. The bird flew into a nearby tree, safe and apparently unharmed!

I didn't take any pictures because I was afraid the bird would get hurt if we didn't work fast.

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mimi said...

I can imagine how interesting that whole affair was - especially for the poor bird. Glad he survived. Am waiting to see if the bird house Maggie gave me for Christmas will house a bird this year. The Bat House hasn't had any activity yet, but the bird house has.