Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This morning I hung our new thistle sock. My parents have thistle socks and have hundreds of Goldfinches in their yard. I am hoping to attract some to our yard. (The picture shows my parent's feeder last April.) The goldfinches are not yellow right now. They are brown with yellow under their wings and blend in with the winter grass.  They will have the bright yellow color shown in this picture in another month.

We have at least 3 pairs of Cardinals that live in our yard year round, and have seen numerous Black-capped Chickadees at the “favorite feeder”. I snapped this photo of a pair of cardinals during a recent snowfall. The male stood out so beautifully against the pure white.

As part of a science experiment, Maggie created two identical bird feeders out of juice bottles. She tried a couple of experiments: first, she and Dad hung identical seed mixes on opposite sides of a tree near the cardinal’s home thicket, and second, they hung one with basic seed mix and one with black oil sunflower seed in the same tree. Regardless of the seed mix or the feeder the same side of the tree is popular. If the feeder comes down for a day we still see birds perched in and around that branch. I hung a suet block last week on another tree (the same one the sock is in today) and it is untouched.

Hmm…Exactly how many feeders will fit on one branch?


Anonymous said...

If they are hungry, you can get many feeders in the same tree or on the same branch. Sometimes they fight off the other birds, especially hummingbirds. They all seem to want to own their own feeder. Goldfinches are willing to share. Sometimes the bigger song birds, cardinals and blue jays and such will chase off the smaller birds (nuthatches, chickadees, etc.) and want it ALL for themselves. If you end up with a LOT of feeders, it sometimes ends with you trying to decide whether to buy feed for yourself or the birds. It can get expensive, but oh, so fun to see who comes to feed.

mimi said...

Just wanted to remind Maggie that the quilt show is about 3 weeks away and I haven't heard one word from her about it. Also, the bunny hunt is in a couple of weeks. Is everyone going? I hope so. It is so fun!

By the way, Maggie, you might scare people if you look like your picture on quilt show day, so maybe you should take it down a couple of notches for that day. ha ha

love, mimi

Lorus! said...

i am going to the quilt show and the bunny hunt.i was trying to catch snowflakes while doing a snow angel!!!!!
love you too-Maggie

mimi said...

You look just like you were trying to catch snowflakes while doing a snow angel. Remember the snow angels you made in Pennsylvania? All that snow and you were the only one making snow angels. So fun.
love, m

ps - glad we're going to quilt show and bunny hunt. don't want to miss going with you.

mimi said...

Having any new goldfinches or other birds coming yet?

love, mim

Renee' said...

I Love watching Cardinals in the snow :)

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Amazingly beautiful finches! Thanks for sharing your link.