Thursday, March 4, 2010


I guess I am like a little kid sometimes. I run outside every morning to check my garden, just hoping a tiny green shoot has appeared. But once again, the ground is just brown in my garden - no green sprouts. We planted several cool weather crops about a week ago: lettuce, spinach, sugar snap peas, carrots, and potatoes. I think it was a little late in the season, but it has been so cool that I decided to take a chance and plant. These are all crops I have not tried before from seed, so success would be very exciting!

Last Thursday, the children and I took clipboards and sketch pads and headed for the garden, hoping to sketch a newly sprouted plant for our nature notebooks. But, the only things to sketch were the onion and garlic plants that overwintered. We drew the onions, then broke out the tractors and bikes and enjoyed the weather.

Note to self: Always have an alternate plan for the nature notebook!

Fastest Runner in the World with a tomato he grew himself last summer. He was playing in the sprinkler right before he picked it!


mimi said...

I have strawberry plants doing good and onions and maybe garlic; haven't looked closely yet. Need to mulch the strawberry plants so we don't have to send Dad for that other stuff to kill the bugs.

Maggie, how about the quilt show? Are we going? and the bunny hunt? Let me know.

love to you all, mimi

mimi said...

to Fastest Runner,
So, was the tomato good? It's a pretty big, good looking tomato, especially for your first time.

Love you, mimi

Rkw said...

When am I going to get homemade hot sauce?

Anonymous said...


Lorus! said...

Mimi - I did not eat any of my tomato, so I don't know if it was good. I should have tried it.
I love you too,
Fastest Runner in the World

Lorus! said...

rkw - Mmmm! Homemade hot sauce does sound good. If my peppers and tomatoes do well, maybe I'll make some by 4th of July! How does that sound?

Rkw said...

I'll put it on my calendar, cause you promised