Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gingerbread and Lollipops, oh my!

 Maggie and I attended the State Houseparty for Girls Missionary Auxillary last weekend. The theme was “Sweet Jesus” and the decorations were based on the game, Candy Land. We played games, sang songs, and heard from two wonderful speakers. (Maggie posing in the "Lollipop Forest" >>>) 

Each church created a game board based on the theme and each county represented submitted a gingerbread house. My fellow counselor, Teri, and I were in charge of the creation of the gameboard and design of the gingerbread house. We had a great time coming up with a game that our girls can actually play to help them review what they learn. Our game had a Cupcake Cove, Ice Cream Island, and other sweet places!

The girls worked hard putting the gingerbread house together and making the game. They added so many of their own creative touches, including a mailbox and bird bath for the house. The girls made yellow fondant "stones" for the pathway and pink fondant "stones" to tile the entrance. They made the trees and bushes from ice cream cones, marshmallows, frosting, colored coconut and green sugar. Their hard work (and ours!) paid off– both projects earned first place at Houseparty!

We played crazy games and the girls got lots of candy! Below is some of our group playing a group hug game. The state president called out a number and we had to get in a group of that many girls. She called out everything from 2 to 27! It got pretty wild with girls running all over the building trying to find groups so they could stay in the game. In this picture the girls are in front of the "Ice Cream Sea".


Jill said...

This looks like a ton of fun!!! Cool creations too!!!

mimi said...

Great job on the game and gingerbread house. Looks like all the girls (especially Maggie) are having fun. Glad you got to go!
love, mimi