Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hard Fought Game

We have a great Dad. He works hard and sometimes long hours, but he always has time to play. Lately Dad and Kirk have been playing a lot of basketball and today was no exception. Kirk had a break from Football Spring Training today so Dad wasn’t home for long before he was challenged to a basketball game.

I was working in the garden, watching the game, when I suddenly realized that as fast as time passes, I may not get too many more chances to watch them play. So, I ran in the house and grabbed my camera. Usually these two are the hardest to get photos of, but they were playing too hard to care that I was snapping pictures!

Dad won this game, but he really had to fight for this win. He plans to enjoy the win now – he guesses it won’t be long before Kirk will beat him every time!


mimi said...

Good effort Dad! But she's right, soon you won't be able to win one and Kirk will win them all!
love, mimi

Jill said...

Holding is a foul in most sports.... just saying... maybe that would help Dad out a bit!