Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing Myself

I began this blog for a number of reasons: accountability for myself, a place to display some of the crafts we make, a spot for distant family members to keep up with our family, and hopefully a great learning experience for us. Hopefully, our blog will change often as we learn to change the look and add personal touches.

We are a family of six in Texas and in our 11th year of homeschooling. Our oldest son, Kirk,  is about to turn 15 and our youngest who wishes to be known as "Monster Truck", just turned 3. Between those two, we have an eleven year old daughter, Maggie and a 5 year old son, who asks that you call him "The Fastest Runner in the World".
He asked Monster Truck (MT) if he would prefer to be called "The Slowest Runner in the World" but MT did not!

We spend lots of time in the dirt outside (if you know us in real life, you already know that!) playing cars, ball, gardening, or just digging. Occasionally we discover a hibernating toad and often discover worms, grubs, and roly polies. Our fireplace mantle boasts a collection of insects in jars, which I don't mind, since I did the same thing myself, but I do ask that the kids not catch and keep spiders - ugh!


Deb said...

Pumpkinhead wishes to challenge Fastest Runner in the World to a footrace. She says she can run "muy rĂ¡pido".

Your blog looks great. We look forward to reading more and seeing more pics.

Anonymous said...

YOU must have forgotten when we hatched a jar full of Black Widow spiders. You thought that was cool :)!!!!!

Lorus! said...

Faster Runner in the World says sure! He will race Princess Pumpkinhead. How about a race mid March?

Renee' said...

:) Welcome to the Blog world :)