Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maggie Dances!

"Ready to go!"

Maggie had her first Irish Step Dance performance yesterday. She was so excited! She has been in an Irish Step Dance class since September and absolutely loves it. Her beginner class got to perform with the Intermediate class at a local nursing home for St. Patrick’s Day.
To the left is Maggie, ready to dance. One of her teachers is at the left in the photo, in the green t-shirt.

The beginners danced the Reel and the Single Jig and the Intermediate did some soft shoe dances as well as hard shoe dances. It was fun to see the older girls dance the Thunder Dance and the St. Patrick Dance.

Below are the beginners performing the Single Jig. Some intermediate girls are standing behind.

Her teachers are a couple of home schooled young ladies who enjoyed Irish Step Dance so much, they continued the class for the other girls when their teacher went off to college.

Maggie dances her way through life now. She step dances through the grocery store, down the hall at home, and outside. She will probably dance through the zoo today. Watch for pictures from that tomorrow!

Below - the beginners and intermediates are performing together. They did such a fabulous job!



Jill said...

Beautiful job Maggie! We loved watching you! Love you!

Deb said...

Maggie told me all about her performance in the car on the way to the traffic jam for the zoo. I'm glad I get to see pictures of the event!

mimi said...

I was so glad to be there to see Maggie dance! She has improved so much. Made me proud to be her grandmimi. Great job, Maggie!

love, mim