Friday, March 26, 2010

More Cards

Maggie and I have been busy! I liked the card I posted yesterday so much that I decided to make it into a set. So this morning Mags and I headed into the craft room and made two more cards to go with it. Here they are:

First a blue one. All the cards today came from the same Anna Griffin Paper Stack. Maggie did the pink inking on the piece with the butterfly and flower and the jewels on the card.

This one is so pretty in person - the background paper is flocked so the floral print is soft and fuzzy! Again Maggie did the inking and the jewels. She is getting really good at the inking! (She also chose the paper)

Here are the three cards together. We haven't decided if this is the final set or if we will add another card or two.

We made another card from this paper stack, but it just didn't match this set. Here it is:

Maybe this will be the start of another set of cards! We are thinking Mother's Day gifts.
Maggie and I are also working on gifts for Mimi, Princess Daphne, and Princess Pumpkinhead! Maybe we will give a sneak peek of those later this week...
Tomorrow morning we will be at the quilt show!!!!! I will try to post some pictures from that tomorrow night.
I also have some more pictures of my garden - are y'all tired of seeing my fledgling garden yet??? RKW - I even have pictures of the beginnings of your salsa!

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