Monday, March 1, 2010

The Noise Has Begun!

Ok, I know this is not really proper and when these boys marry and have their own children, their wives with be horrified, but the three boys, ages 14, 5, & 3 are playing ball in the house. I can't help but let them, it is pouring rain outside - a cold rain. They are using a playground ball and occasionally, as I sit here and type, it flies past my head. It hasn't hit me (yet), no one has been hurt (yet),  and nothing broken (yet), so I'll let them play until they find another activity.

They are learning to take turns as Kirk bounces it first to one of the little boys and then another. He is learning to be a good Dad and building a relationship with his little brothers. OK, so I am rationalizing my actions, but, no one is asking if breakfast is ready yet! (The oven timer still has 20 minutes to go!)

Now I hear my daughter. She is NOT a morning person, so she won't join in the fun for an hour or so. Right now, she will grump and grouch until she has read a little and eaten, then she will be her much more cheerful self - hopping and step dancing all over the house!

And so, we begin another week!


Anonymous said...

This does sound like your house!!! Very Fun!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog and seeing the pictures. and of course a picture of dad smiling is a treasure! LOVE, M