Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not The Zoo... (part 1)

About the zoo pictures I mentioned in my last post…well, there aren’t any. We drove to the zoo and found families were parking on the streets outside the zoo gates and walking to the zoo. It had taken an extra hour to reach the zoo because of traffic – there were even police officers directing traffic at the exits and intersections on the way to the zoo. Too many people and tired kids just don't mix!

We decided that Thursday was not the day to go to the Fort Worth Zoo, so, we rode the DART train for a few hours. It was fun for all of the kids and not too bad for the parents! We got off at the downtown Fort Worth stop and toured the Water Gardens then hopped back on and headed home.
                                          (Yes, MT loved the train >>>)

We did have “the race” between Fastest Runner in the World and Princess Pumpkinhead! Even Monster Truck joined in. Both FRitW and the Princess claimed wins and the photo of the finish really didn’t help us decide, so… enjoy these pictures and make your own call!

The Race

Ready,   Set,  GO!!! 


"I win!" "I win!" (Two voices in unison!)

We also played Red Light, Green Light to pass time waiting for the train:
On our walk to the Water Gardens we passed real Skyscrapers - FRitW wasn't as impressed as I thought he'd be, but I photographed them anyway...

Some of us got tired on the way to the water gardens:

To be continued....

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