Monday, March 22, 2010

Not the Zoo... part 2

The Fort Worth Water Gardens were interesting. Being from the country, it was hard to see the "garden" when there was so much concrete! Before we found the signs stating, "no climbing allowed" the kids climbed! The whole structure almost asks you to climb it.

Maggie climbed the side of this fountain and immediately the younger kids followed. MT was at the top before anyone even realized he had begun the climb!

Maggie jumping off a step >
Next, we found a pool sunk deep into the ground. The entire wall was a waterfall. Here we are at the top of the wall - everyone had to put their hands in the water! You can see that the wall is as tall as the tree trunks.
MT loved hiding behind this sign.
Next stop was the active pool. At first I wasn't too sure about walking the little kids down to the bottom. The water was rushing all around the stones that acted as steps. With Dad leading the way, we headed to the bottom. It was fascinating, but a little frightening!
At the bottom, the water rushed between the stones that made the pathway.

Headed back up! The walkway was a series of stone tables - some narrow and some wider. If someone needed to pass you, you had to back up or go forward until there was a wide area. On the top edge of each table the water was just inches from the stone.
Before returning to the train station, we stopped at one final fountain and tried to take pictures of the kids. That just didn't go too well...

...first, they couldn't remember where the camera was..., Princess Pumpkinhead splashed ME!..., WHO splashed the Princess???

In the end, we got this.  Kirk tries to avoid pictures, but we finally got one! (and a pretty good one, too!) Maybe next time, we can get the other kids... Maybe.


Deb said...

HAHA!! Gotcha, Kirk!

mimi said...

So afraid ya'll are gonna have TOO MUCH FUN! and make TOO MANY MEMORIES! Slow down now.

love, mim

mimi said...

Great pictures of all of you. Can't believe you sneaked around and got Dad and Kirk in the pictures - and they were actually having fun! I'm sure it must have been a mistake.

love, mim