Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Revisiting my Garden

I actually have plants growing in my garden! I was beginning to wonder if anything would sprout this year. I had checked and rechecked the ground, looked back at the calendar to see when I planted, reburied my seed potatoes 3 times but finally, potatoes, snap peas, and lettuce are up!

We have had so much rain lately that the soil keeps washing away. Three times I found the tops of my seed potatoes showing after a rain. I think all of my carrot seeds must have washed away as well, since none of them have sprouted. But a couple of days of sunshine and the plants are growing. First are lots of tiny lettuce plants, to the right are sugar snap peas reaching for the sun,and below are potato plants just poking through the soil.


Deb said...

Good job! I have half an onion that I've left in the refrigerator for ummmmm...too long. It has a 2-inch stalk growing from it. I seem to be more adept at growing things in the fridge than in a garden!

mimi said...

Hello Deb,
maybe not too late. just stick it in the ground and see if it becomes a BIG onion. could happen.
love, mimi