Monday, March 29, 2010

Snow Pictures

Well, what do you think? Is the snow gone for the year? That seems like a ridiculous question to ask since we live in a practically snow-free area! But this winter has definitely been different. We had snow flurries on Christmas Eve - never, ever, ever has that happened! Then 10 inches of snow in February!! Wow, that was crazy! Finally, (dare I say that?) we had about 2 inches in March on the first full day of spring.

Well, I am looking at the pictures on my blog and thinking that maybe it is time to change them. Maybe I should put some more spring-like photos up?

First though, I thought I'd share a few winter pictures from previous years.

February 2007 - Of course this is not here! This is from our trip to Pennsylvania!
Seriously though:

This is here - March 2007. Notice the kids are wearing shorts. They found a turtle on the side of the road and we rescued it and released it in our pond.
This one of MT and FRitW is from March of 2008. A diaper and sweatshirt was enough to keep MT warm and though FRitW is wearing pants, he just has a short sleeve shirt on. It was warm enough to play in the dirt for long enough to stain those chubby knees!
Here is all of us in February of this year.
And here we are again one week later!

I can't find any pictures from 2009. But, I think these give a nice view of that "typical" Texas weather!
Happy Spring!!!!

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Renee' said...

Great Photos, Wow I think EVERYOne got snow this year, even here in Tx