Thursday, April 15, 2010

Caged In!

Yesterday, the kids and I headed up to Papa's & Mimi's house to help with a job or two.  They have a dog run that needed to be set up so they can repurpose it for a chicken coop. We worked on some equipment break down first and then while everyone else took a break (it was close to 90 degrees!), Maggie, FRitW, and I took on the dog run.

Things went well, at first! But then we put the final panel in. This panel had the gate in it and Maggie was working from the outside of the run while I worked from the inside. When the final bolt was secured, I walked to the gate only to find it was secured with a thick zip tie! I was locked in the dog run! Seriously!

Maggie headed in to ask Mimi for some scissors, which Mimi happily gave, along with a camera to photograph me - trapped in a dog run. Thanks SO MUCH, Mimi - that was truly a kind hearted thing to do. (OK, quick note here: Kirk has confessed that it was him that asked for the camera and ran to get out before Maggie could find the scissors - still Mimi gave him her camera and her first question was, did they get a picture?) She also brought the little guys out to cheer me on (if that is what you call laughing their socks off at dear old Mom!).

Oh, and after I was released from the dog run, Kirk discovered I had put the gate panel (ok, all of the panels) together upside down! Thankfully, he was able to flip the gate closure so we didn't have to completely rebuild that dog run.

So, if anyone else needs a dog run built - I am NOT the person to do it!

I also want to say hello! to Jacob13 (Renee's son) - welcome to my blog!


Jill said...

I am thinking maybe you should use one of these pics for your profile!!! I think they are great!!! ( her choose!!!) Just saying!!

mimi said...

I am so happy to have contributed to your family's enjoyment of an otherwise boring day. The pictures surely do tell the story. The mom who had no idea she was locked in and the kids who got out before being locked in. By the way, who's the teacher in home school? The kids or the Mom. Also, thanks so much for putting up the chicken cage. I'm sure they'll enjoy their new home as soon as it's finished. I really appreciate all of you for helping. And to think, you enjoy "helped" me choose my chickens, or did I really even get to help. I guess Papa and Daphne will choose his chickens. Surely wouldn't want either Papa or I to choose our own chickens, would we? love, mimi

mimi said...

Keep meaning to tell you all the family's new pictures are really cute. Kinda wonder what FRitW is up to though.