Friday, April 9, 2010

Review: E-Book: WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Firefighter

I have seen the Wanna Be… series in the Old Schoolhouse Store. I’ve glanced at the numerous titles available, like Veterinarian, Pilot, and Chef and returned them to their virtual shelf. So, when I was asked to review WannaBe™-When I Grow Up I Want to be a Firefighter I had a few preconceived notions about it.

I expected a very limited topic, maybe even just a list of books to read or field trips to take, but little to interest all of my children at once. I was WRONG!

I opened the file and began reading the information and I was impressed. There is a list of books and field trip suggestions, but there are also first-hand stories. Stories from actual firefighters about their daily duties and the training and education they received. There are descriptions of job duties, but they also share about cooking dinner, exercising, and spending time with coworkers.

This was fun, but there is more. There were math activities including graphs demonstrating payscale in relation to rank, seniority, and location. Writing activities included creative writing prompts and copywork. There was a crossword puzzle and vocabulary words. We also learned about fire safety, and building codes, and the kids favorite part, a description of the use of robotic arms in fire fighting. We built a model of a robotic arm, which was one of the projects available in the E-book. We modified ours a bit in order to use supplies on hand.

Our youngest son, MT, is absolutely fascinated by fire trucks and he was able to participate with the coloring pages included in the E-book. Our oldest, Kirk, helped with the robotic arm model and taught a short lesson about robotics. The middle children, FRitW and Maggie, enjoyed copywork, a true story about a fire dog, and detailed descriptions of fire equipment, right down to what is included in all those doors on the firetrucks! I won’t even begin to tell you all that I learned, but it was a lot!

I will be looking again at all of the titles available in this series. I think my children would be interested in several of them because of the broad range of activities included in the “Wanna Be – Firefighter” E-book.

There are several suggestions for an “end of study” party at the end of the E-book. Suggestions include games, foods, even a fire truck cake. We intend to have a Firefighter party when we finish this study, but we aren’t done with it yet!

I received this product as a free download for the purpose of reviewing it. It is available in The Old Schoolhouse Store for $8.95. The other E-books in this series are available here.

Notes: I was unable to find even one book listed in the references at either library I have access to. However I found some books about fire trucks and firemen that were fun for the boys and found that the E-book had adequate information to interest everyone.

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