Tuesday, April 27, 2010

School - "FRitW style"

FRitW's favorite part of school is "doing experiments". In fact, he considers the words "school" and "experiment" to be synonyms! He has two favorite experiments. First is testing anything and everything with litmus paper. Second is measuring the temperature of hot and cold liquids. Yesterday was a thermometer day.

He chose hot coffee, iced tea, cold tap water, hot tap water, and cold milk. He put the thermometer in each cup and drew an arrow on his paper to show if the temperature was high or low. He loves watching the mercury rise and fall!

Finally, he added ice to the coffee and watched it melt. He added ice several times and all of it melted. That was HOT coffee!


Renee' said...

SUPER JOB, and thanks for sharing the photos :)

debsc100 said...

Brilliant! I'm going out to get a thermometer like that for Pumpkinhead. Her "experiments" involve dumping anything she can get her hands on into a cup or bowl -- sugar, pepper, cereal, cake sprinkles, flour, water, juice... Fastest Runner's experiment is less disgusting and more scientific.