Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Congratulations Mimi!

Friday night, my Mom walked the stage as a magna cum laude college graduate! Her last class, Astronomy, almost destroyed that GPA, but she really worked hard and ended up getting a “B” in that class! She was one of the very few students who did well - the average grade made by the students in her class was a ‘D’ – it was a tough class.

I am very proud of her for not only finishing her degree, but also for keeping her GPA above 3.6 throughout her schooling. She now plans to go on to bigger and better things – being a great Mimi to a bunch of kids, being a great mom and sister to a few more of us, and helping Papa run his business - ok, so maybe the same things, but now she has a diploma to hang on her craft room wall!

The thing that surprised her classmates the most was that she did this for fun. She took all of the college classes because she enjoys learning, but, as she registered one year, she found out that she had almost enough credits to graduate, so she took a few more and did! And, just ‘playing’ at college she still maintained that GPA!

Mimi, I am so proud of you!



true blessings said...

i can think of a 1ooooooooo things to do for fun...lol...but CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!anyway

Deb said...

Great job, Mimi! What an excellent example you are for all those grandkids. Congratulations!

mimi said...

Thanks Lorus. You made my day. It's good to have your kids proud of you. And thank you, Deb, for the congratulations.

About the dragonfly, it was a really big one. So many interesting things to see outside, probably especially a grown woman screaming about a dragonfly! lol
love, mimi