Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sunday morning I found this huge dragonfly in our driveway.I thought it was dead so, I tried to scoop it up in a box so we could study it a bit, but it was very much alive and scared me when it tried to fly! (Yes, I screamed and jumped - which Kirk found funny!). Dad came out and managed to very gently scoop him up into a bowl and covered it so I could take it in to show FRitW and MT.

Then they got out of the bath so they could watch me release him. He took off and flew up over the roof of our house then off toward the trees! I really thought he was dead or dying, but apparently he was just resting with his legs tucked up under him. We usually have lots of dragonflies during the summer, but I have never seen one quite this big - it was more than 4 inches long with at least a 5 inch wing span!


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Jill said...

That's pretty big! They are everywhere right now... we even saw one inside a store a couple of days ago.... I was a bit suprised.