Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Goin' Fishin'

Nothing caps a beautiful weekend off like an evening of fishing. Except an evening of fishing in Papa & Mimi’s stocked pond where the fish are biting but the bugs are not! We caught more than 25 fish in just a few hours. None were big enough to eat, but it was so much fun!

<-----Catching minnows and tadpoles.

                                 Baiting her own hook --->

Big brother, little fish; Little brother, big fish


         Catch and RELEASE!!!

Ooops! Caught a Red-headed Maggie Fish!

MT and Cocoa helping Papa fish.

Papa wasn't too sure about me taking a picture of him with his tiny fish (especially when you compare it to FRitW's not so tiny fish at left), but I thought it was neat because it proves that the fish are breeding!

Cocoa hanging out with his buddy!

Dad hanging out with his buddy!

Time to head home!




Deb said...

FUN!! I love, love, love the pics of FRitW sitting with MT and with Dad.

mimi said...

Agree Deb, and the one of the two little boys sitting together on the bank. So, so sweet. It was a fun time. Papa and I didn't go down at first - trying to leave their family to have their fun alone without us bothering them; then Mom starting sending texts and pix of what they were doing and first Papa and then Mimi just had to go see what was going on. It was so fun. Deb, Pumpkinhead should try it sometime. She might like it. Mom, such sweet, precious pictures of a wonderful family time together!

love, mimi