Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Love for Dad?

The kids made Dad and I Valentine's Day cards. Mine was 12 inches tall, made with pink sparkly paper that said "love" all over it and adorned with paper hearts and a quilled flower inside:

Dad got the red one. It is 6" x 6" (half the size of mine) and is adorned with...
well, absolutely nothing.

No writing on the outside, and inside it simply says, "Happy Valentine's Day" and is signed. Any of you that know our family personally, know that Dad is the favorite! I don't know if they just get used to me always being there, but when each of the kids reaches about 2 years of age, they suddenly "love Dad best". So, why did I get the beautiful decorated card and Dad get a piece of red paper folded in half? I quietly went in search of the answer that evening.

It turns out that Kirk has definite ideas about what a man would like in a homemade card. Apparently men do NOT like hearts and ribbon and lace and sparkles. So he ruled that Dad's card would not have any of that girly stuff! I guess plain is the only way to be manly.

With that explanation in hand, I reassured Dad that his popularity had not waned, but that his card was merely a boyish card!

SO... when Dad's birthday came around, I talked to Kirk and suggested that he and Maggie try to find a way to make Dad's card a bit more decorative, without sacrificing the manliness of it. I should have kept my mouth shut - because this is what they spent their afternoon making for dear ole' Dad:

It reads, "Yo Daddyo"  in (bright purple zebra print on the lime green zebra print background) in case you cannot read it in this picture.
Here is the inside:

The 'e' fell off, they really can spell! Maggie created the bucking hot pink zebra!
Definitely a more decorative card and probably one Dad will not forget! I've heard rumors that this one will be nothing compared to the Father's Day card he will receive.

Honey, I'm sorry I said anything to Kirk!!! Forgive me?

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mimi said...

lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what they do to Dad for Father's Day! I'm sure he'll deserve whatever it is. FRiTW and I meant to give him a box of coal for Christmas that Dad had given me several years before, but we forgot. He certainly deserves all he gets!
Still LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love, mimi