Saturday, May 22, 2010

Our New Arrivals!

Join us in welcoming the newest arrivals to our home!
They will not be staying long.

Introducing some 50 or so Assassin Bugs! The egg cases we put in a jar hatched this afternoon. Kirk has been reading Texas Bug Book, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, by Howard Garrett and C. Malcolm Beck and immediately identified them as Assassin Bugs. We searched a couple of other books and also found this website with a picture of eggs exactly like ours. Scroll to the bottom of the website page to see the picture.

We are going to watch them for a little bit longer and return them to the garden to eat aphids. I am so glad they are beneficial insects so I don't have to figure out how to dispose of them!

This book is probably one of the coolest books about insects that we own! It is full of information about life cycles, host plants, diet, natural control if necessary, and personal anecdotes by the authors. The photos are fabulous and we have spent many an afternoon reading this like a story book. I think I bought it at a nearby Texas State Park, but I cannot remember. It is worth searching for!


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mimi said...

Glad you're keeping the assassin bugs. They are big, but eat some very unfriendly bugs that you really don't want, some worse than aphids. Apids do ruin a batch of flowers quickly though, don't they. We could use some on Papa's roses. Apids like roses, but they surely ruin the roses. Great job finding this new nsect, FRitW and for finding out what it is Kirk.
love, mimi