Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peas and Potatoes

Sunday afternoon I spent some time picking sugar snap peas in our garden. I picked enough to add to a salad or use in a stir fry! I cannot believe how well our garden is doing. This was my second picking of sugar snaps and there are several more almost ready! We have also eaten two heads of lettuce out of the garden.

After picking the peas, I decided to just see how my potatoes were doing. I reached under a plant and felt a hard round object - an actual potato!!!!! We have three types of potatoes and all three have produced potatoes to eat. We dug up some of the larger ones (and in the excitement, several tiny ones!) and carefully covered the roots back up so the plants can continue to produce potatoes for our dinner table.

Potatoes can be very hard to grow in this area and I was advised by several nurserymen to not even try! I love beating the odds!

We spent a little more time defeating potato bugs with a pan of soapy water and pulling weeds. We have baby squash, peppers, and blooms on the pumpkin plants! Soon I won't have to buy any produce at the store!



true blessings said...

Awesome! do you just plant them in the dirt or do you buy top soil ?

Lorus! said...

I bought seed potatoes and planted them in my garden soil (which has been amended with compost and peat moss) but once they began to send out roots I piled potting soil up around the stems to give them a loose soil to develop in. Apparently that is a key step - I found that information in the booklet that came from the place I purchased seed potatoes:
They have excellent info on their site and also are extremely helpful by phone!

mimi said...

Your garden IS looking great! I'm jealous. Of course you've put more time into yours than I have. Great job all of you!!!!!
love, mimi