Monday, May 3, 2010


Mimi called Saturday. She needed Maggie to come help her pick strawberries. They picked a bunch on Thursday, but there were lots more ready. FRitW and MT weren't about to miss a chance to go to Papa & Mimi's house, so we headed up the hill to pick strawberries.

Wow! There were tons of them! Mimi produced bowls and we set about picking. Two years ago this 'patch' was 4 plants. They have spread so quickly! Last year we went to a pick your own farm to pick, but this year we only need Mimi's Strawberry Patch. If we can keep from eating them all fresh we will make some Strawberry Jam!

Just a bonus: While we were picking we noticed Dad and Mom Bluebird flying back and forth a lot. Look closely at the bird in the middle of the photo - she has a worm in her mouth! Daddy bird is a just above and to the right of her and he had a worm too! The bird house Maggie built for Mimi is on a corner post of the garden, so we tried to be quiet, as they did not appreciate us disturbing their little home! Mimi has been thinking that they may have some baby birds and watching them bring worms back to their home seems to confirm that!



Renee' said...

Cool, Looks like they had Loads of fun :)

mimi said...

It was so much fun picking the berries. Couldn't believe so many were ready in just 2 days. Thanks for all the help, Mom, Maggie, FRitW and MT.

I really don't think the birds would bring worms if the babies weren't eating, so I'm anxiously looking for babies and their parents to see what happens. The birdhouse is placed so I can see it from my window. They are SO fun to watch. I went YEARS and never saw a bluebird and now I see them every day, thanks to Maggie.

love, mimi