Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Quiet Around Here

As loud as our house is, you might think I would enjoy some quiet. But no, not when I know that there are 4 kids in our small house and I cannot hear a single one of them. I get nervous. So when it got quiet this morning, I went in search of my little guys first. Those two boys are absolutely never quiet, not even when asleep!

The living room was quiet, my room, office area, hallways - all quiet. After checking their room, I quietly opened Maggie's door and found this...

well, not exactly this. They were all cuddled together and Maggie was reading Little House in the Big Woods aloud to them. It was so cute, I had to get my camera and once the camera was present, the little boys couldn't concentrate on the book because they were "smiling" for the camera. See?

Here is MT's "Buster"

and FRitW's "Blackie Jr." or "Fireflame" (depending on the day.)

Anyway, you'll just have to imagine the sweet scene I came across! I put the camera away and let her finish reading the chapter to them.



Deb said...

Blackie, Jr!!!!! It's so great to see you safe with the Fastest Runner in the World!

mimi said...

Maggie is such a sweet sister to 2 rambunctious, but adorable brothers!

love, mimi