Friday, May 14, 2010

Who Needs a Pool?

My mom says that talking on the phone with me can be quite entertaining. Not because I am a witty conversationalist, but because I often interupt myself with directions to my children. A conversation might go something like this, "Tomorrow I need to go to town,- please do not throw eggs to your sister! - do you want to go with me?" (Not a real-life situation - just an example)

It really isn't my fault, my children just do the funniest things. (I can already hear the kids correcting me - OK it is my fault, just because someone else does something, that does not cause my response - I choose my own response) Today, for example, I was outside weeding the garden while the little guys played in a mud hole. They crawled and splashed and pretended to be dogs and cats racing in the mud. But periodically, they would stop and MT would say, "Wait, I need to wash my hands!" FRitW would jump right in and wash his hands too.

Here is a photo of the two of them 'washing' their hands.  --->

Ummm...what exactly are they trying to remove? The cleanliness?   They were doing a great job!

FRitW can be very literal - once Kirk told him, "You cannot run in flip-flops because it will hurt your ankles and they will fall off." FRitW's response, "Your ankles???"  No, your ankles will not fall off if you run in flip-flops!

MT just cracks all of us up! At the end of Mimi's graduation, when everyone stood to watch the graduates walk out, MT climbed up on the pew and put his arms around my brother and his wife - it was so funny!

He spent most of the graduation cheering for Mimi and the other graduates:

The older kids often remark that they cannot imagine life without these two boys. They definitely light up our lives!



Renee' said...

Love the photos :) LOL Dont you love watching children play in mud :)

mimi said...

Like I said - very entertaining, but I remember when you kids were just the same, interrupting while I was on the phone - being mudballs outside, etc., taking things literally. I guess it's what makes life worth living, the laughter when your children are so silly--and you are there to be a part of it!!!!!
love, mimi

Deb said...

They're so sweet! Even covered in mud.