Friday, June 11, 2010

Drivers Beware!

He is only 15. But, he is also 15 ! I cannot believe how fast it has gone and he cannot believe how long it has taken to arrive at this moment. But, finally, that time is here. From birth he has lived and breathed anything with a motor - cars, tractors, trains, lawnmowers - anything with a motor. And now, finally, he can legally drive! Oh, sure, he has to have a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the front seat with him, but he has the paper to prove he is allowed to operate a motor vehicle - and, in case you cannot tell from this photo - he is pretty excited about that fact!



Jill said...

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am staying home from now on!!!! Just kidding Kirk.... I am sure you will be a careful, courteous driver..... RIGHT! :) Excited for you!!!

Lorus! said...

So far he has only scared Dad once! I rode with him this morning and boy was I glad to have my feet back on solid ground!! Just kidding - he is doing great! He even did well driving with me who apparently talks more in the car than Dad does (now there's a surprise!) ;)

Deb said...

Oh, and I hope he does better in the car than he did on his bike!
Hahahahaha!!! :)

Lorus! said...

I bet Kirk won't find that nearly as funny as I do Deb!