Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Have How Long to Pack???

I'll start with an accidental vacation. On rare occasions Dad has had to work out of state. When that happens we try to tag along. This particular time almost didn't happen because we only had 24 hours notice that Dad would be headed to Colorado and it was 2 days before Halloween and MT was just days away from turning 1 year old. We knew that Dad would not make it home in time for the first birthday, so we cancelled everything and headed out.

Dad drove his work vehicle and we followed him for the first 8 hours to his parent's home in West Texas. He went on from there, but we stayed with the intention of recuperating a day before moving on. But, plans were changed when he found out that the job had been rescheduled and he had the next 3 days off. We immediately packed and got back on the road. We drove until late and stopped in New Mexico. Starting early the next morning, we met up with him around noon near Durango. That is such a beautiful drive!

We were so glad in the end that we went, because he was in Colorado for 2 weeks!

We saw gorgeous mountains

Stood at the Four Corners - Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah

We visited Mesa Verde National Park

MT learned to walk and turned ONE!

We also visited many other Indian village ruins


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