Saturday, June 12, 2010

Riley Grace Was Here?

This Tuesday, Riley Grace and Daphne spent the day with us. At least I think Riley was here. I didn't see much of her - but she left these photos on my computer, so she must have been here!



The whole group!


This is probably a pretty good representation of Riley anyway - Photography and Horses!

Seriously, I enjoyed getting some time with my nieces - Riley, Kirk, and Maggie filmed and edited a movie of Riley riding Cutter. Maggie usually ends up with the "little kids" so she really enjoyed being part of the fun! Daphne missed her, but I'll show you what the littler guys (and gal) did tomorrow!


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Jill said...

Yep... that is pretty much Riley Grace... oh with a sword of course!!! Thanks for all the movie making Kirk and Maggie! I got to see one of them... she keeps trying to tell me about the others... Guess I will need to see them next time we are at your house!