Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What We Do for Fun!

Beautiful weather - 3 day weekend - what would you do? We headed over to Papa and Mimi's house because they had a work day. My brother, Rich, came over to build them a new porch, so Kirk and Maggie headed up to help and visit.

Kirk talked Papa and Uncle Rich into letting him do this:

He dug holes to plant several trees and leveled two dirt piles.

They said he is a natural. Of course Dad started him out young, like he is these guys:

Each boy got to dig a hole and fill it back in. They worked hard!

Dad really let the little boys steer. That was a bit scary because my zoom wouldn't work and I had to get pretty close to take these pictures. I could hear Dad saying, "Turn it harder to the left, more to the left." I was just hoping FRitW knew which way left was! Maggie got a chance to drive too, but I was inside visiting and missed it!
A few quick trips through the sprinkler helped them cool off!

Hmmm... Now that I think about it, he taught me to drive a tractor too.


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