Thursday, July 22, 2010

He's Six!

FRitW is six years old. I cannot believe how quickly those 6 years have passed. The little guy who arrived almost 5 weeks early and weighed only 6 lbs 12 oz has grown to become quite a little man.

He decided to have a dog and cat themed birthday party, which is perfect because I have yet to see an animal that did not like FRitW or that FRitW did not like.

FRitW decided to make his own invitations and even allowed Maggie to give him a hand. He started with dog and cat themed cardstock and added a multitude of stickers.



true blessings said...

aww that is a great idea for invites! happy birthday!

Jill said...

We got an invitation in the mail!!!! It was fantasticly done!!! Great job! Daphne especially loved it!

mimi said...

We loved our invitation! Thanks for sending it. The party was fun too. Thanks for letting us come.

love, papa and mimi