Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not Another Vacation Post????

I am sure you have heard remarks about people who show slide shows of their vacations to everyone whether they want to see them or not, and by this time you are starting to wonder if I am one of those people.

Yes I am.

So today, once again, you get to spend a few moments hearing about our vacation!  Last week we spent a couple of days at a cabin in Bastrop State Park. The cabin was built in 1935 by the CCC and Maggie was completely fascinated with that.

We did a little fishing

A little flying (if you want an explanation for this you probably don't know our family)

Some running in circles

Walked a trail or two . Dad called one the Trail of Tears - but it wasn’t that bad, just a couple of wrong turns that added a mile and 105 degree temps with 89% humidity. In hindsight, from my air conditioned home, it really wasn’t bad at all! (This picture is not from the ‘trail of tears’  - we wisely did not take any from that trail!)

We rode a train and ate popsicles. We were very thankful for the raindrops that fell during this train ride – so cooling!

We toured our State Capitol , posed with a few schoolchildren

Watched the bats fly from under the Congress Avenue Bridge

And fed the squirrels (there really were more than just this one!)

We ended our trip with a visit to Dad’s Grandma. It was nice to get to sit with her and enjoy the birds outside her window and the photo albums she shared.


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Deb said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don't let the squirrels get the kids!