Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Spring in Summer

Sometimes a little thing creates a big memory.

Monday on our way home from the cemetery, I saw a roadside park with a spring. Immediately I thought of a little spring we sometimes stopped at when I was a child. I remembered how amazed I always was at water coming out of a rock. It was cold and such a special treat to get a drink of spring water. We might have only done it once or twice, but it was a big memory for me and I wanted my children to get a similar experience.

So, we stopped. This spring had a well type resevoir to catch the spring water and a pipe for anyone to use to fill a water bottle for a drink. The kids enjoyed climbing the stairways and jumping back over the little spring creek. The water was so cold!

Maybe 20 years from now, one of my children will stop at a roadside spring, just to share this memory with their children.



Jill said...

NEED to know where this is!!! Fun memory from childhood for sure!!! Want to take the girls!

mimi said...

The spring we went to was down near Jacksonville. Have to ask Papa exactly where it was. Good, cold water.