Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why Men Should Learn to Sew on a Button or Watch Their Backs!

Kirk decided it would be funny if I replaced the button on Dad's shorts with a ladies button.
Funny right? Sure, it was funny. Dad noticed immediately of course and Kirk was still asleep, so he missed the fun. BUT...

...the funny part is really just starting.

Kirk may need to plan on sewing all of his own buttons from now on. He is going to be checking his closet frequently to be sure Dad didn't get me to replace all of the buttons on his clothes while he slept. (He should know that I am always willing to help in the name of a good joke!) I think it might be a good idea to do his own laundry too. Oops, did I put a red shirt in with your white football pants? (direct quote from Dad)

So which part is funnier - the momentary surprise of the button or the weeks of checking constantly over your shoulder, just waiting for the 'revenge'?

I did the same thing as a child though. Many times I remember all of us kids going after our Dad with water guns, knowing he would get the hose out and we would all get completely soaked!  The years of experience (and all the tricks played on their parents) give Dads the upper hand I think.


RenJac said...

ROFL Lorus now thats funny bahahahaha

Jill said...

I have some pretty ones if you are lacking! Just saying!

mimi said...

good joke. guess you still have it in you, Lorus. love, m