Thursday, August 26, 2010

Anybody Else?

Maggie started this - but it is really working for me, so I'm passing the idea along.

I have a temperature gauge in my car that shows the current outside temperature. So as we drive into town for football practice I have to look at this:   
Actually, this temperature is pretty tolerable - we just had a 'cold front' move through (Yes, the meteorologist laughed as he announced this!). But it is definitely better than the 104 degrees with feels like temps of 112 that we had on Monday.

Since the 6 degrees between Monday and today made such a difference outside, wouldn't 60 degrees make me feel soooo cool? Well, that is a simple adjustment. Maggie just pushes the Celsius button on my car and instantly it is:

Yay! Isn't that wonderful? I feel cool and refreshed!

Too bad this doesn't work in winter. We know, we tried it and all that Celsius button does is make it colder! Oh well - in this part of Texas this works 8 out of 12 months!


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Deb said...

That's funny. I took a picture of mine on Monday when it actually showed 112. Miserable. I'll have to check the owner's manual to find out how to change it to Celsius.