Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Balloon Glow!

We drove to Longview for the Great Texas Balloon Race this weekend. When I was a child we lived in Longview and my family attended the very first balloon event. This year was the 32nd annual Balloon Race. Dad and I went last year for our anniversary date and took the kids back the next night. We had so much fun we made sure we attended this year!

The first balloon.

In the evening there is a balloon glow. All of the balloons are laid out on the ground and you can walk around and look at them. Then as the sun goes down they fill one balloon and send it up with an American flag. The national anthem is sung and each balloonist turns on their flames all at once. It is so cool and yet sooo hot!

It is so hard to get a photo that shows exactly what you see. The flames are huge and so bright and hot that you almost feel them more than you see them!
Then all of the balloons begin airing up and you suddenly realize how incredibly massive these balloons are. They tower over your head and bump together in the breeze. It is hot even though the temperature has cooled to 85 degrees because it is dark. It is noisy and crowded and amazing! There is an announcer who has the crowd count down for 'all glows' and 'twinkle glows' and all of the balloons light up at once and suddenly it is daylight!

An All Glow. These are mostly regular balloons and racing balloons. Can you see how people just wander through and under the balloons?
The largest gumball machine and Coco the clown
The bumblebee siblings and other balloons during an all glow.
Then suddenly, the final all glow fades and the balloons suddenly droop and fall to the ground all around, and it is over.


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mimi said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Wish we would go again. It's been a long time! love, m