Monday, August 9, 2010

Football anyone?

Kirk began football practice last week. Friday was their first day in full pads and Saturday they divided into two teams and ran plays.

Kirk is playing on a 6-man football team. Dad grew up in West Texas and played 6-man football in middle and high school - so this is pretty neat for him! Here in East Texas, six man is rare so we will have to do some traveling to find teams to play.
Six man football is a completely different game than eleven man football, with a shorter playing field, different scoring, and longer first downs. It is a pretty exciting game!

Kirk is playing with a University Model School team. His team includes guys that attend the school and some that homeschool exclusively. First game is this Saturday!




mimi said...

Well, Kirk, you look tough. Excited for you and will see you Saturday
love, m

mimi said...

Enjoyed the scrimmage game Kirk. Glad you got to play!
love, m