Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Wasn't Playing, I Was Just Helping...


OK just for the record, I really try not to embarrass my children on my blog. I don't want to hurt their feelings or share something they'd rather I not share. But, I am NOT letting Kirk preview this post!

Kirk wouldn't want me to write that he is the best big brother in the world, but according to 3 out of 3 siblings that have him as a brother, he really is! One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that, although there are large age differences in our children, they spend lots of time together and truly have a close, loving relationship. Oh, they aren't perfect, and definitely annoy each other (and Dad & I) at times, but most of the time they enjoy being together.

Earlier this week, Kirk grabbed the camera to take these photos of MT playing on the living room floor.

Just a very short time later, Dad grabbed the camera to take these photos of Kirk playing with MT on the living room floor.

Obviously he was a bit embarrassed at getting caught, but I know he treasures these times as well! Oh, and did you notice that MT didn't seem to think this was unusual at all? Hmmmm.



mimi said...

Good pictures! Glad they have so much fun playing house together!
love, m

chili pepper said...

Oh, if I had a nickle for every time I heard that one!