Monday, August 2, 2010

Just a few sprinkles!

Moderation. Everything in moderation. Well everything except sprinkles that is.

FRitW had a somewhat unusual birthday list this time and as a kid that loves to spend time in the kitchen, his list included a few kitchen essentials - like sprinkles! He made out like a bandit in the sprinkle department. He received some at the party and some more in a package a couple of days later.

The package contained sprinkles shaped like cows, cats, ants, pigs, bears, bunnies, ducks and chicks. There was also a package of "dirt with bugs" and "camo mix"

So we made cookies and a few days later we made cupcakes. And then we sprinkled!

Just a spoonful of sugar!

Who got to this cupcake first? The black cats, pigs, or ants?
Kirk's "cattle car" (heehee I crack myself up!) It has cow sprinkles!

Would you like some cookie with your sprinkles?

 The first pan of cookies had no frosting, just lots of sprinkles!

Our sugar cookie lady dressed in a lovely Camo dress - I know..I didn't see her at first either - good thing I'm not a deer!



RenJac said...

those look so good :)

Jill said...

After reading this... I feel you may have had too much sugar!!! Sillyness and sugar are better when shared with a sister.... :)
Such interesting sprinkles... need to check this out!!!

Emily Leiphart said...

Lorus, thanks so much for stopping by on Verve's blog hop! Wow, those sprinkles are so creative and look delicious! I love that the car cookie with cow sprinkles looks like a dinosaur!

mimi said...

I always wonder why someone doesn't head down here and share some goodies. hmmmmmm. Looks good though. and like ya'll had a lot of fun. love, m

mimi said...

don't think there is any moderation with FriTW or his siblings as far as sprinkles go
love, m