Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Copied Color Wheel

I found this idea on a fellow homeschoolers blog and thought the little boys would have fun with it. My Two Happy Homeschoolers is doing an entire color related lapbook that is going to be so neat!

This was such a fun, hands on way to introduce the primary colors and blend them to create secondary colors. We pulled six clear glasses out of the cabinet, filled them with water, and placed them on a white cloth. FRitW and MT got to add drops of red, yellow, or blue food coloring to three of the glasses and stir to see the color produced. (Hint: less color is better)

We talked about how these were the primary colors and that combinations of the primary colors make the secondary colors.

Then I let the boys take turns pouring one color and then another into the empty cups and watch to see what happened. FRitW has played with lots of paints and markers and crayons, so he anticipated the secondary colors, but MT was amazed!

After all of the colors had been mixed I drew six circles on white paper and they ran to their school boxes to get markers. I was very surprised at how well MT did recreating a color wheel on his paper – once he understood what was expected he colored the circles in exactly the same order as the cups on the table.


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Michelle said...

I love this! My boys love to mix "potions" so they will really enjoy this lesson. Thanks for sharing :)