Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm So Thankful!

Maggie put in my undercounter lighting - it's battery operated, so no cords.
It's a long story, so I won't share it all right now, but I will say that I finally have a craft room! When we built our house we only had two children and planned the house accordingly. Kirk & Maggie had shared a bedroom since babyhood, so we were so excited to have 3 bedrooms, even though they were tiny.

I chose this photo of Kirk cutting the MDF because he has his tongue held between his teeth. Dad always does this when he is concentrating and all four kids have picked up the habit!
When FRitW was born we realized that a crib would not fit in any of the bedrooms, so Dad & I had a nursery instead of a closet in our bedroom. This was a little inconvenient, but it worked, everyone had a bed to sleep in. Then came MT.  Hmmm...where to put another little guy?

After a bit of room shuffling we were able to move FRitW in with Maggie in a tiny homemade toddler bed that fit under Maggie's bed. There was just enough room to crouch under her bed and kiss FRitW good night. And MT moved into the "closet nursery". At this point it was apparent that our next building project was going to be bedrooms!

The shorter cabinets in the center are wall cabinets.
We added on to the house and created 3 bedrooms. Kirk's tiny bedroom became a hallway and I claimed Maggie & FRitW's bedroom for a craft room. I loved sharing a bedroom with my sister, so I felt FRitW & MT would enjoy growing up sharing a room with a brother. The kids moved into their new bedrooms a year ago and my "craft room" became a storage room much to my disappointment.

But a few weeks ago, I decided to reclaim the room and find a way to make it a craft/storage room! I usually have these great ideas when Dad is out of town. I guess I get bored or something. So, since Dad was out of town, Kirk & I hopped in the pickup and headed to Lowe's. We bought two finished cabinets, two unfinished cabinets, some MDF, and some lighting. When we got home, Kirk took charge and soon I had a nice little workspace. It only took him a couple of hours.

MT helped! Kirk had me get an outlet bar and installed it on
top of the counter. He drilled a hole for it's cord to drop
through and now I can plug in all of my machines!
Maggie and I moved right in and have spent many happy hours crafting away at our little workstation. The cabinets are the perfect height to stand and work, but I may get us some tall bar stools so we can sit down if we choose. When Dad got home, he and Kirk hung a couple of shelves and Kirk hung my scissor holder. It's just a section of an old fireplace screen with s-hooks hung on it. I love the way it looks hanging on the wall.

My fireplace screen turned scissor holder!
We haven't painted the countertop yet, but we have a few ideas. We might decoupage it, or possibly stamp all over it then seal it, or it might just get a solid paint job. I'm so thankful to Kirk and his helpers!


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Deb said...

WOW!!! Awesome job, Kirk! Well done.