Monday, September 20, 2010


I love to have my children join me in the kitchen. All of them have helped with the cooking from the time they were big enough to stand in a chair. When FRitW and MT came home from Papa & Mimi’s house with 5 eggs each I knew we would have to cook something special. MT’s eggs became supper. We scrambled them and served them in Breakfast Burritos. But FRitW had big plans for his 5 eggs. His eggs were going to be made into cookies.

We decided on Snickerdoodles. I was thankful that he chose an actual recipe, because he often wants to make up his own. I pulled out the trusty, falling apart, family recipe book and read the ingredients so he could get them out. MT must have heard the measuring spoons jingle or something, because he appeared – ready to help.

FRitW cracked all of his own eggs – the recipe only calls for two, but these were banty eggs and a brand new laying hen, so they were tiny! All five went in the bowl. Both boys helped add ingredients and MT stirred the dough while FRitW mixed the cinnamon sugar.

By this time Maggie had joined us in the kitchen, and then Kirk wandered in. Soon we had an assembly line. I rolled the dough into balls while MT placed three at a time into the cinnamon sugar bowl. FRitW turned them in the sugar under Maggie’s supervision and she handed them to Kirk, who placed them in neat rows on the pan. Could it have been done more efficiently with far less tasting? Well sure, but what fun is that?

Fresh homemade cookies were dessert for Mimi, Aunt, and cousins when they came for lunch. Those Snickerdoodles tasted especially good because of the homegrown eggs!


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