Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stitching, Sketching, Scrapping Sunday

I am joining Mama Manuscript again for Stitching, Sketching, Scrapping Sunday. This week was very busy and we did several crafty things, but today I will share our biggest project.

Maggie is beginning her second year of Irish Step Dance with a HUGE performance. The class will be performing at our County Fair for the Senior Day. Senior Day has a huge turnout every year and they will be performing before hundreds of people. One of the moms commented how nice it would be to have the girls wear matching costumes. Here is the last performance of last year's class:

That's Maggie in the center of the girls with their back to the camera
 Although the girls all looked nice and performed very well, you can see in the picture that they have various skirt styles. So while the girls practiced, the moms planned. One mom volunteered to make skirts for each girl. The skirts are so pretty - I'll get pictures up after the performance! But the advanced girls had matching embroidered skirts from a previous class and we wanted to have something to identify the girls as a class.

Embroidered fabric waiting to be cut into sashes
 This is where my craft for the week comes in. My mom and I have worked hard this week making sashes to attach to the skirts. It took a while to make samples and decide on a design, but this is the final result for the class sash:

Their class colors are black, purple, and white.
There is one special dance called the Trinity Reel that only three dancers perform. The teachers thought it would be nice to have a separate sash for those 3 dancers to wear, so they will change to this sash for the Trinity Reel:

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mamamanuscriptsplace said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I was really hoping to get Morgaine into Irish step dancing as we are Cape Breton. At the last minute she decided that she wanted to stay in drama with her older brother (despite having complained all last year that she wanted dance lessons!)