Friday, October 22, 2010

BrillKids Little Reader Learning System

MT and I have been using BrillKids Little Reader Learning System. MT is feeling very grown up having his own “schoolwork” on the computer. BrillKids Little Reader is a program designed to teach babies and young children to read.

I downloaded the newest version of Little Reader and began to play with the program. I thought I would need some time to understand how to use the program, but honestly – it is such a simple program that very little preparation is necessary. Just sit down with your little guy (or gal) and start lesson 1.

I watched MT’s reactions as he went through each lesson and at first was worried that he was only hearing the words and watching the photos and video clips. Then I got to the Action Words part. The Action Words part is great because the word is presented on the screen in clear solid color type against a white background and an arrow moves under the word as it is pronounced. Then the word is followed by a photo of a child or animal and a short video clip demonstrating the word.

Little Reader teaches commonly used words, including action words like kick or wave, parts of the body, and animals (MT’s favorite part!). The photos change each time, so it is not repetitive. For example, when the word “bird” is presented there is a photo of a Cardinal, but the next time “bird” is shown, it is a photo of a crow or a parakeet. That element of surprise kept MT’s attention.

One of the most interesting options of Little Reader Learning System is the option to personalize your child’s curriculum. You may add your own photos and videos and add photos of Dad and Mom or other relatives.

Little Reader Deluxe Version
 BrillKids Little Reader Learning System Basic sells for $149.00 (basic is download only) and the Deluxe version is $360.00 (the in-your-hands physical copy with all of the flashcards, books, activity sheets, etc!). The BrillKids website also has many free downloads, including printable flash cards, writing sheets, and readers as well as powerpoint flash cards.

I encourage you to download the 14 day trial version and see if this product is a fit for your family. (Note: the trial version includes Little Math as well!)

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mimi said...

So, you didn't say if MT learned any words. Did he?

How about FRITW?

Sounds like a great program.