Monday, October 25, 2010

The County Fair

Sharing a funnel cake
September and October bring Fairs! We attended our county fair and the State Fair of Texas. Today, I'll share a little of our trip to the East Texas State Fair (our county/area fair).

The fair is always more fun with family, so we met Papa, Mimi, my uncle, sister, and niece at the fair. The kids loved this new exhibition:
Sea Lions! Yep, sea lions in 100 degree, humid, sticky September Texas heat more than 300 miles from any salt water. They looked miserable! We never saw a trainer or anyone checking on these poor guys. They were interesting though. They would swim in their little pools for a while then get on stage looking for some shade. It was fascinating, but so hard to believe that it was good for the sea lions.

Favorite Fair activity #2 - The Petting Zoo

This was another new event for our fair and since we went on a weekday morning it was not crowded at all. The kids (and adults) petted and fed several unusual animals. 
This camel was so hungry. He kept blocking the walkway by sticking his head over the gate trying to grab the cups of food from people and finally decided to crouch down and eat all of the spilled food on the ground. Jill didn't have any food, but the camel loved a little attention too.

Mimi got to pet a Watusi. Huge heavy horns made him look mean, but he seemed pretty sweet - oops, sorry - I mean she seemed sweet. I guess a boy wouldn't be named May Belle.

Oh, and the kids petted some animals too! Llamas, alpacas, buffalo, four horned goats and more.

Finally - this photo shows Maggie and her Irish Step Dance troupe in their new skirts and sashes, performing for the Senior Adult Day at the fair. Most of my photos were absolutely too blurry to view, those girls just couldn't keep still ;) - this one is the clearest I could find.
The girls did a great job and the senior adults loved their performance!

Coming soon: a peek at our visit to the State Fair of Texas


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