Friday, October 22, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

Denise of Got Chai? and Mrs. White of The Legacy of Home have challenged the other members of the TOS Homeschool Crew to a 10 week Fitness Challenge.

I am accepting the challenge.

I actually have been working on this area of my life, but have hesitated to share my efforts on my blog. Really, it's much more interesting to just tell you about my kids and the fun, interesting things they do - but this will help me enjoy those fun interesting things so much more!

I definitely need to lose weight - that's no secret - but I just haven't made an effort since MT was born. When Kirk decided he wanted to play football I realized that I just did not have the energy to maintain our current activities and handle the schedule football requires. So, I joined another homeschooling mom, who has become a dear friend, and walked twice a week. That was in June. We walk a hard, fast two miles every Tuesday and Thursday.

After a month of walking, I was feeling so much better that I decided to add a little something to my routine. The church where we walk has advertisements for Personal Trainers and I decided to call and set up an appointment.

My first session with Jenny included 60 lunges and 60 squats (and that was just the first set of reps!). I could barely walk for three days. I returned with the intention of asking if I could do just 30 and work up to 60, but she had a whole new exercise routine for me. Before I realized what was happening I had done 72 of each! And - I could walk afterward! I go now once a week and do strength training. She is so encouraging and pushes me far beyond what I think I can do.

I am joining this 10 week challenge with two goals:

1. To add one more day of exercise to my current 3 days per week. I will be starting with a goal of 10 minutes on that day and intend to work up to 30 minutes by the end of the 10 weeks.

2. To lose 10 pounds by the end of this challenge. I have only lost 2 pounds since June, so I am setting this goal low so I don't get discouraged!

Each Friday I will post an update and let you know how I am doing. ~Any encouragement is much appreciated~



~ Denise ~ said...

You completed 72 lunges/squats *each*?! Jeepers, girlfriend! You're my hero! LOL Seriously, that's amazing. You should totally stick with that trainer, if at all possible. She sounds awesome!

I had ONE personal training session and she made me do so many pushups in various ways, that by the next day I couldn't even DRESS myself. My arms/chest/shoulders were killing me!!!! But it was such a delicious pain, you know? ;o) The pain that comes from really pushing yourself beyond your perceived limitations and realizing that you really CAN go farther! ;o) Love it!!!

Fantastic goals! I'm looking forward to reading your weekly check-ins. I know they're going to be fabulous! :)

mimi said...

I'm real proud of what you've accomplished and how you've kept at it! Great job!

it as jville, right?


Briana said...

You can do it! Your goals sound reasonable.

I've gone back and forth with posting about fitness on my blog, I do think it makes me more accountable. I'm taking the challenge also. See you each week!

Kelly said...

That workout sound worse then mine. Glad we are all in this together I know I need the encouragement and support to keep me on track. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Annie Kate said...

I love how walking with a friend gave you the energy to do more and more exercise. It sounds like you're really getting healthier. Great job!

Annie Kate

Guiding Light said...

YAY! Glad you are on this journey with me / us!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Whew! I would have been in a heap of pain had I gone through that. lol! It would be "fun" to have a personal trainer as the accountability is a great thing.

It looks like you have set some great goals for yourself. I look forward to going through the journey with you.