Saturday, October 16, 2010

Newspaper Crossbow

We don't watch much television, but there are a few shows that appeal to our family. One of these is Mythbusters. Dad and Kirk especially enjoy the experiments to prove or disprove a myth and the explosions that seem to always result.

Recently Kirk saw an episode in which the Mythbusters created crossbows from newspaper. He decided to try his own version. With a few sections of a newspaper, some tape, and rubberbands he came up with this crossbow:

 We headed outside and Kirk shot the arrow numerous times, adjusting the tension of the rubber bands as needed. He stepped off the distance and we measured his steps to get a rough idea of the distance the arrow was flying. The longest flight was over 110 feet!

FRitW & MT also measured the distance with their footsteps, but came up with much higher numbers (they also counted outloud, which means most of Kirk's attempts to count were confused!)

The best part about shooting an arrow with a newspaper crossbow? Getting to go get the arrow - especially if it goes across the fence!

So…If you are ever under attack and have only a newspaper, tape, rubberbands, and an arrow… you can save the day!

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mimi said...

Pretty good fun as far as I can see! Never saw one of those. love, mimi