Friday, November 19, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday Week 3 and 4

This hasn't been the greatest fitness week, but I think I'm still doing ok. My personal trainer is out of town this weekend so I worked out Monday instead of Friday. But I will exercise with her Tuesday and Friday next week so I don't go 10 days between workouts.

My walking partner is out of town too (hmm, I wonder if there is something fun going on that I am missing??!) so we only walked once. I forgot to weigh at the gym and I found my scale broken last week so I haven't checked for weight loss.

Wait, wait, wait - Stop the presses! While I was writing this post (it was a lot longer before I deleted some stuff) I realized that the week wasn't over and I could still exercise and count it this week. So I got up and did a Leslie Sansone Fast 2 mile Walk DVD!

However, after doing the DVD I had to leave the house for Step Dance and football practices and forgot to ever post this, so here it is a week late!

Here is my post for week 4:
I had a much better week of exercise this week. I worked out with my Personal Trainer on Tuesday and Friday for an hour each time. I asked her today if she gets coal in her stocking each Christmas - 'cause she is MEAN! ~grin~ Seriously though I am so thankful that she pushes me (and yes, I have told her that) because I love the way I feel when I can do an exercise easily that I struggled at a month ago.

I also walked on Tuesday. Our walking is going to be sporadic for the rest of the year due to Holidays and family visits, so we are planning to walk when we can and commit to getting back on a regular schedule at the first of the year.

I exercised some everyday this week though, because we bought a Wii system last weekend and all of us have had fun playing with the Wii Fit Plus. In fact, Tuesday I did an hour throughout the day on the Wii in addition to my workout and my walk. I was so tired Tuesday night. In fact I was a wee bit glad that our Thursday walk was cancelled because I overdid it Tuesday and wasn't smart enough to take it easy Wednesday. Tired, tired, tired!

I'm proud of myself for exercising, but a little disappointed that I haven't lost more weight.

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Briana said...

Great week! You got a lot more exercise than I did!

SisterTipster said...

Hey Lorus,
Did you know that it could be your are building enough muscle to counter the scale? Muscle is heavier than fat...this could be if you are pushing your workouts! HUGS!!