Friday, November 26, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - Week 5

I'm checking in again with the Fit Mommy Friday 10 week challenge. It is week 5 and you can click here to head over to Got Chai and see what the other Fit Mommy's are up to.

As a quick reminder (for me!) my goals are
  1. To continue my current 3 day a week exercise schedule and add a fourth day.
  2. To lose 10 pounds.
Goal number 1: I have only exercised ONE day this week - Aaargh!
Goal number 2: I have lost 2.5 of my 10 pounds! Yay!

So, mixed results this week. This week I am going to need to focus on getting some exercise in!


1 comment:

SisterTipster said...

Yay for your wt loss and this week is NEW opportunity! HUGS!