Friday, December 17, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday 10 Week Challenge - Week 8

Only two more weeks of this 10 week challenge and I am getting very excited. As my trainer and I sat on the floor between ab exercises, she asked me if I'd checked out a scale lately. I was so excited to tell her that YES! I had and that I had lost a full 10 pounds since I began working out with her (that's only 8 for this challenge, but still excited!). She mentioned some changes she's noticed and I'm seeing some definite slimming going on!

My walking partner and I decided to shake things up a little so we tried a step class instead of walking. Tired. That's the only word I have for how I felt afterward! It was fun though. One of the other moms in the class had to bring her 2 year old boy in since there wasn't childcare that day. He had one of those cars with the friction motors - you know, the type that keep going when you push them off? Well, it went under my stomach when we were doing planks, under my knees during crunches, into my ankles during stepping. The mom felt terrible, but I just laughed. Having three boys, that's nothing new to me! He really wasn't doing it on purpose, he just wasn't fast enough to grab it.

I did exercise 4 times this week, but one was super short so I'm not sure it counted. I haven't checked the scale today, but it had dropped another pound earlier this week - so I think I'm right on track.

Go over to Got Chai to see the Week 8 check-in and take a minute to comment on each Mom's post. I think everyone could use a Congratulations! or a little pep talk.



Briana said...

Hey, great job! Doesn't it feel great when other people notice your hard work is paying off?

Guiding Light said...

Great job!!