Friday, December 31, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday - 10 Week Challenge - Week 10

Oh My! I'm not sure I am ready for this post. Ten weeks ago, today seemed sooo far away. But as I look back now, I see nine posts already done. This is it - the final week, the final post of the 10 week challenge.

I have really enjoyed participating in Fit Mommy Fridays and definitely intend to continue, but this challenge was especially fun! I feel stronger and have progressed toward my goals.

This week's exercise:

Friday - nothing

Saturday - nothing

Sunday - 40 minute walk in the woods

Monday - 1 hour on Wii Fit Plus

Tuesday - nothing

Wednesday - 1 hour on Wii Fit Plus

Thursday - 1 hour training session

My original goals were as follows:

1. To add one more day of exercise to my current 3 days per week. I will be starting with a goal of 10 minutes on that day and intend to work up to 30 minutes by the end of the 10 weeks.

2. To lose 10 pounds by the end of this challenge. I have only lost 2 pounds since June, so I am setting this goal low so I don't get discouraged!

Here are my final results:

Goal #1: This week I did meet this goal, but as I look back over my progress and I am seeing that I only met this goal 4 out of the 10 weeks.

Goal #2: I lost a total of 8.5 pounds.

So…No, I did not meet either goal, but I definitely have improved and am very pleased with my results. I have some success to encourage me and just this morning I received a simple, beautiful compliment from my 15 year old son. He mentioned that he had noticed that I have had a lot more energy since I have been exercising. He is proud of me!

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Annie Kate said...

Good job, Lorus! Even though neither of us met our goals, we're both fitter than we were before...and that's what counts, right?

Here's to a fit New Year!

Annie Kate

Briana said...

Congratulations! 8 pounds in 10 weeks is great!

Mrs. White said...

You have done extremely well!! I am so happy for you and glad you are going to continue with us!

Mrs. White

Michelle Smith said...

Hooray! You are doing great! I am proud of you for your hard work and so glad it is paying off for you in such a sweet compliment from your son!

Laura O said...

Lorus ~ I'd be estatic if I'd lost 8 pounds in 10 weeks! Way to go, even if it wasn't as much as you wanted.

Kelly said...

You did great! Keep on going! [And I'll pray that snow comes your way this "winter" too. :) ]